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  • What languages are spoken in Morocco?
    Morocco has two official languages: Arabic and Amazigh (or Berber). French is commonly spoken and used in administrations and many Moroccans also speak Spanish or English, especially in the tourism sector.
  • What is the climate in Morocco?
    In general, Morocco enjoys a mild winter and a hot and sunny summer. Average temperatures are 23 °C in summer and 13 °C in winter. However, there are various climates throughout the country: Mediterranean on the north coast, oceanic on the Atlantic coast, mountainous in the Atlas, and desert in the south of the country. In the Saharan regions, the days are sunny and the nights are cool, especially in winter. In summer, you can expect scorching sun with temperatures sometimes rising to 45°C in August.
  • Is there a time difference?
    Both in winter and summer the country is governed by the GMT +1 time zone.
  • What is the official currency?
    The official currency is the Moroccan dirham (MAD). The conversion is quite easy: 1 dirham is equivalent to around €0.10 or €1 to 10 dirhams. ATMs are widely used and the most common credit cards are accepted in most businesses. However, outside the cities and in the souks, it is better to bring cash.
  • How to call Morocco?
    The country code for Morocco is +212. To call a Moroccan number, dial: 00 + 212 (Morocco code) + 9-digit phone number without the initial 0. To call a Spanish number, dial: 00 + 34 (Spain code) + 9-digit number without the initial 0.
  • Is it usual to tip?
    Tipping, or bakchich, is a custom deeply rooted in the country's tradition. For some, it is the only source of income. It is better to give little, but often. It is convenient to leave between 10% and 15% of the total in restaurants if the service is not included, 10% in taxis and between 5 and 10 dirhams for bellboys in hotels.
  • What clothes should I wear?
    It's best to bring sportswear, good walking shoes, a backpack, sunglasses, sunscreen, wet wipes, and a flashlight or headlamp. At the destination you can buy a turban to cover your face in the style of the nomads and thus protect yourself from the sun and wind.
  • What should I take in my medicine cabinet?
    It is advisable to carry a first-aid kit containing stomach protectors and products against insect bites and the sun. Avoid drinking tap water and always have a bottle of mineral water on hand, especially in the desert. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables or peel them before eating.
  • Is an electrical adapter needed?
    The plugs have the same standards as in Spain (voltage 220V / frequency 50Hz), so there is no need for an adapter.
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